Sustainable Development

"At TISCO, we believe sustainable growth results from conducting business with responsibility towards all stakeholders under good governance while creating value for society and environment."

Sustainability Policies and Goals​​

TISCO Group has pushed forward and integrated sustainable development into its operations through Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) with the goal of promoting tangible sustainable development. Key ESG topics have been considered in TISCO Group’s decision-making process. TISCO Group has formulated policies on sustainable development as well as responsible lending. In addition, it has drawn up Sustainable Banking strategies for all its subsidiaries to embrace. The details are as follows:​

  • Environment (E) : Conducting businesses in an environmentally friendly manner by promoting resource efficiency and environmentally friendly businesses​
  • Social (S) : Promoting good living conditions in society by raising people’s financial literacy and access to the financial services needed to upgrade their quality of life​
  • Governance (G) : Fostering a strong corporate governance and risk management culture by promoting the principles of corporate governance and risk management at all levels, supporting anti-corruption guidelines, preventing TISCO Group from being used for money laundering or terrorism funding; practicing socially/environmentally responsible lending, conducting fair operations, and reducing household-debt problems in a way that enables TISCO Group to operate sustainably with satisfactory returns and growth. ​​

The sustainability goals and strategies are as follows:​

Sustainable Development Policy Objectives:

  • To create awareness and responsibility for sustainable development guidelines​
  • To ensure that TISCO's economic development provides social and environmental benefits, including the interests of stakeholders​

  • To align TISCO's business goals with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

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